‘Starship Home’ Turns Your Room into a Flying Alien Plant Sanctuary, Coming to Quest 3 This Year

VR studio and label Creature announced Starship Home, a plant-filled mixed reality adventure that turns your living room into a spacecraft on a mission to save alien flora.

Coming exclusively to Quest 3 this Fall, the team dropped Starship Home’s first teaser trailer today, showing off just how the mixed reality game works.

In it, we get a look at the virtual windows, control panels, and other components, which are placed strategically around your room to make it feel like you’ve blasted off into space.

“Travel from planet to planet collecting plant clippings, and decorate your home with weird and wonderful alien foliage. Plants aren’t just for decoration – they’ll allow you to unlock interactive ‘dreams’ that show off mixed reality to its full potential,” the studio says.

As you’re tending your garden, players travel through hyperspace between planets, gathering alien plants needing care, receive transmissions from friendly aliens, and unravel the mystery of what the studio calls “a sinister blight that threatens plant life across the galaxy.”

Starship Home features include:

  • Interactive Setup: Create a personalized, cosy starship environment
  • Hyperspace Travel: Explore a diverse galaxy using an interactive star chart
  • Plant Healing: Care for and revive plants through wondrous dream sequences
  • Ambient Orchestra: Nurture happy plants to create evolving musical soundscapes
  • Mixed Reality Interaction: Engage with virtual interfaces in the physical world
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While Starship Home is Creature’s first immersive experience, the studio was founded in January 2023 by industry veterans; it was founded by Doug North Cook in partnership with Abbey Cooper, Chris Hanney, Mark Schramm, Ashley Pinnick and Rose Gerber.

Development on Starship Home is headed by Lead Engineer Mark Schramm (SUPERHOT VR, Gravity Lab), Art Director Ashley Pinnick (Tilt Brush, Slimeball), and Creative Director Doug North Cook (former head of VR at Robot Teddy where he worked on Among Us VR, No More Rainbows, and The Last Clockwinder).