Sideloading Quest 2 Games is Now Almost as Easy as Using the Official Quest Store – Road to VR

SideQuest is an amazing tool for unlocking a bunch of VR content and tools for Quest, and we really suggest setting it up if you own a Quest 2. Now the creators behind the unofficial sideloading library have made it so you can browse the SideQuest Store and download stuff directly without having to leave VR.

SideQuest’s new Easy PC Installer allows you to download the executable to your PC, connect up your Quest 2, and then enable you to sideload content directly to your headset, just like accessing the official Quest Store.

Here’s a handy explainer guide on how to setup the Easy PC Installer and get sideloading:

There’s loads of free games and demos on SideQuest, but it also features App Lab content, which is hidden from the official Store. It also features a library of custom Home spaces, so you can finally have anything from Minecraft Village background to the command center from Friday Night at Freddy’s.

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In addition, with SideQuest activated on your Quest 2 you can change some of the headset’s settings including disabling the proximity sensor, changing the capture resolution, forcing higher refresh rates, and changing the texture resolution size for games to increase visual quality.

If you need a more in-depth explanation, or want to activate SideQuest by using your Android phone and skip the PC installer all together, head over to our step-by-step guide on How to Sideload Games with SideQuest.