Meta is Nudging VR Devs Towards ‘Horizon Worlds’ with Training, Funding & More

Meta today announced it’s expanding the company’s VR developer programs to include training on how to build games and experiences inside Horizon Worlds, Meta’s growing social VR platform. Devs can also nab some cash too—a strong incentive to help Meta build out its fledgling metaverse.

“Today, we’re inviting you to further unleash your imagination, expand your expertise, and bring your vision to life by joining one of our Builder Tracks for Horizon Worlds,” Meta says in a blog post.

This is set to include training through a Horizon Worlds boot camp, support from Meta experts and other VR devs currently building in Worlds, and the chance to compete for funding as well as cash prizes.

It’s doing this through Oculus Start and Oculus Launch Pad. Oculus Start is a program created for developers who have either launched a VR application or are close to releasing one, while Oculus Launch Pad was created to support promising VR content creators from diverse backgrounds. Both programs have been important to filling out the Store with a wide swath of VR content.

Through the new builder tracks, Meta says it’s offering up “over $500,000 in funding and cash prizes to program developers creating unique, innovative, and engaging worlds in Horizon Worlds.”

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Meta’s new builder tracks expand upon the company’s $10 million creators fund which was launched late last year in effort to initially attract developers to Horizon Worlds.

In comparison to established social VR platforms such as VR Chat and Rec Room, Meta’s Horizon Worlds still has a ways to grow before it sees record-breaking concurrent user numbers and more consistent engagement.

It’s still only available on Meta headsets, and only to users in the US and Canada. And while that’s not set to change today, it’s clear the company is looking to fill out Horizon Worlds with more grabby content to make it less of a virtual chatroom and more of a virtual destination.

If you’re building a VR game or experience for Horizon Worlds—or just thinking of building one—head over to either Oculus Start or Oculus Launch Pad to learn more, and sign up for your chance to access funding and expert support.