VR Team Shooter ‘NERF Ultimate Championship’ to Enter Closed Beta Soon, Signups Here

NERF Ultimate Championship is an upcoming VR arena shooter that’s getting ready to launch into closed beta later this month. If you’re looking to go hands-on, there’s still time to sign up for your chance to wall-run and blast your way to victory.

NERF Ultimate Championship is officially heading into closed beta in “mid to late March,” Hasbro and VR studio Secret Location say. “We will be contacting candidates as soon as we’ve matched them with folks in similar time zones and available timeslots.”

For your chance to participate you simply need to fill out a short questionnaire, which will be open until March 15th at 1: 00 PM ET (local time here).

The NERF-brand 4v4 team shooter is headed to Quest sometime this year, so you might just get an opportunity to play it before everyone else, and even help guide development.

It seems the studio is selecting some specific criteria for the first round of beta testers—we aren’t sure what that is, so we can’t say for sure. The developers say selected participants should be contacted within a week however, which also includes an invite to the closed beta’s private Discord Server and instructions on the next steps.

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We’re looking forward to seeing more of NERF Ultimate Championship in the coming weeks, as developers Secret Location are also known for bullet-hell shooter Blasters of the Universe (2017), VR retelling of Philip K. Dick’s The Great C (2018), and time-bending puzzle game Transpose (2018).