Video Series Shares Secrets to Great Mixed Reality Capture for VR

There’s no better way to show off a VR game than with mixed reality footage which shows a real player inside of a virtual world; unfortunately setting it all up is no easy task. Luckily, YouTube channel TougeVR is sharing the secrets to great mixed reality streaming and capture in a video series called Mixed Reality Masterclass.

Update (November 9th, 2023): After a long hiatus, TougeVR is back with two more episodes of the Mixed Reality Masterclass series. The two latest episodes explore more about the filming and compositing process, including an overview of a quick workflow and a pro workflow for those that want to do advanced compositing of their scene. Here’s the full series so far:

In another video on the TougeVR channel host David Quinn explains why there was more than a year and a half gap between episodes 2 and 3 of the series. In the future he says viewers can expect a video covering his latest mixed reality camera rig and a 5th episode of the series covering mixed reality capture on non-SteamVR headsets like Quest 2.

Original Article (February 10th, 2023): Whether you’re a content creator looking to stream VR content or a game studio making a high quality trailer for your VR game, mixed reality is the ideal way to give players a sense of what it’s really like to be inside virtual reality. But mixing virtual reality and real life footage together into one seamless shot isn’t exactly straightforward. Between hardware, software, framing, and lighting, there’s a lot to learn to make it work, let alone make it work well. Luckily, help has arrived.

Image courtesy TogueVR

The TougeVR channel is home to some of the best mixed reality content you’ll find on YouTube, and now host David Quinn is sharing the secrets of his mixed reality productions in a free video series called Mixed Reality Masterclass.

A masterclass indeed… Quinn’s delightfully straightforward presentation goes over the complete setup process, covering camera selection and framing, controller calibration, latency correction, chroma key best practices, and plenty more.

While the first video in the series (above) will get you looking good with the basics, the second video introduces moving shots with a tracked camera, along with all the considerations you’ll need to make to your filming space to accommodate such shots.

TougeVR is promising more episodes of Mixed Reality Masterclass to come, so be sure to stay tuned!