Resolution Games Acquires ‘HordeZ’ Studio, Shares Record Growth Figures – Road to VR

Resolution Games, the VR developers and publisher behind Demeo, Blaston and the upcoming sports game Ultimechs, today revealed that 2023 has been a record-breaking year for the company in both revenue and game downloads. The studio also announced the acquisition of Stockholm-based indie Zenz VR, which is known for VR zombie shooter HordeZ.

Resolution Games says 2023 was its fifth consecutive year of profitability, something the company says has allowed it to reinvest into growth in development capabilities and personnel. Now the company says it employs 158 workers, with that number projected to surpass 200 by the end of the year.

Over the course of 2023, Resolution Games says it’s quadrupled growth in game revenues and tripled total game downloads across all platforms compared to 2020.

The studio has also recently expanded to the US with its Austin, Texas-based subsidiary, Resolution Games Inc., which is headed by president and co-founder, Paul Brady.

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In a press statement, the studio says its acquisition of Zenz VR is “talent-focused,” as it doesn’t include Zenz VR’s existing and in-development IP.

The studio says the addition of “select members” of Zenz’s team have been absorbed into the company’s AR division. This includes Zenz founder Niklas Persson, who has a background as producer and designer on Battlefield 1942.

Resolution Games is a pioneer in the VR space, having led with titles such as Bait! (2016) and Wonderglade (2017) on Gear VR. More recently the company has focused on multiplayer games, with Blaston (2020) and Demeo (2023) being the most successful of the bunch. The company’s upcoming sports game, Ultimechs, is set to continue the studio’s focus on multiplayer games. The futuristic Rocket League-style game serves up 2v2 multiplayer matches that require you to rocket-punch a ball into your opposition’s goal.