‘Resident Evil 4’ for Quest 2 Gets ‘The Mercenaries’ DLC Today for Free

Meta announced at its Quest Gaming Showcase today that Resident Evil 4 (2023), the official VR port which came to Quest 2 last year, is getting a surprise launch of ‘The Mercenaries’ DLC today.

For the uninitiated, The Mercenaries is a minigame—available across all previous versions—which essentially acts as a time trial mode. You’re tasked with killing as many enemies as possible before the clock runs down.

In the mode you’re given the choice of five playable characters, each with their own weapons and abilities. Players make their way through standalone versions of a few levels and dispatch regular enemies and bosses, making for a nice bit of content once you’ve had your fill of the main campaign.

Developers Armature Studio says The Mercenaries has been “entirely rebuilt for VR,” created in partnership with Oculus Studios and Capcom.

In this version of The Mercenaries, players can compete for spots on ranked online leaderboards, and take on 20 all-new tasks in a Challenges mode, which include what Armature calls “wild scenarios and restricted conditions for completing levels to ramp up the intensity.”

“Some examples include getting high scores using nothing but a knife, a mysterious fog impairing your vision, or even special circumstances that restrict time even further. By completing Challenges, you’ll unlock all sorts of awesome things like a Big Head Mode, black-and-white Classic Horror Mode, or even new Golden Gun skins that were custom-made for VR players. All of those can be used in the main game as well as Challenges mode.”

The Mercenaries is a free update, and arrives today to all owners of the game on Quest 2.