New ‘Zombie Army VR’ Trailer Shows Off Explosive Story Campaign, Coming to Major Headsets This Year

Rebellion, developer behind cult horror shooter series Zombie Army, is getting ready to release the franchise’s first VR game on all major headsets this year, and it’s pumping the hype with a new trailer that showcases the upcoming co-op story campaign.

Here’s how Rebellion describes Zombie Army VR’s campaign:

The game’s campaign takes place alongside the events of the Zombie Army series and sees you take to the field as one of the Deadhunters, an elite squad that is hunting down zombie war criminals. You fight your way through undead hordes near the bombed-out city of Nuremberg to help Captain Hermann Wolff, the Deadhunter’s legendary leader, find his scattered family, and fight to free Europe from the zombie apocalypse.

The studio describes the game’s story as a “full-length, story-driven campaign” allowing you to play either alone or in co-op mode.

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In addition to melee, you’ll have a bevy of authentic World War II weapons, such as sniper rifles, submachine guns, and pistols to take on hordes of enemies, including Armoured Giants, Suiciders, Sniper Zombies, and more.

Developed in partnership with XR Games, Zombie Army VR is slated to launch sometime this year on PSVR 2, Quest 2/3/Pro, Oculus Rift, and PC VR headsets via Steam.