Netflix Won’t Put Its App on Vision Pro, But Web Streaming Works

Netflix isn’t planning to launch a dedicated app for Apple Vision Pro, which is an odd move coming from the streaming video giant.

According to a Bloomberg report, Netflix isn’t launching an app on Vision Pro, instead offering its streaming service through the web. This marks a reversal of its initial intention to allow the iPad version to run on Vision Pro.

Here’s the statement Netflix left with Bloomberg:

Our members will be able to enjoy Netflix on the web browser on the Vision Pro, similar to how our members can enjoy Netflix on Macs.

While Apple hasn’t commented on the Netflix snub, it has made a point of heavily featuring rival platform Disney+ and its own Apple TV+ service in pre-launch coverage, which may explain why Netflix isn’t jumping at the chance.

Notably, at launch Vision Pro will also feature bespoke apps for ESPN+, NBA, MLB, PGA Tour, Max, Discovery+, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount+, Peacock, Pluto TV, Tubi, Fubo, Crunchyroll, Red Bull TV, Imax, TikTok and Mubi.

Apple’s Approach to Immersive VR on Vision Pro is Smarter Than it Seems—And Likely to Stick

This isn’t the first time Netflix has snubbed XR users though. The company offers an app on Quest, however it’s largely unchanged since it was released on the original Quest in 2019.

Still, it’s an odd decision considering Apple prides itself on Vision Pro’s mixed reality passthrough capabilities, which would mean Netflix wouldn’t necessarily need to develop entire virtual environments for the headset, instead offering an app as a floating window.

Why all the hub-bub? Apple Vision Pro is due to go on pre-sale on Friday, January 19th, and ship on February 2nd, which will put the $3,500 headset to the ultimate test to see whether people actually use it to view casual streaming content despite what some hands-on reports have insinuated as being too heavy for long viewing sessions. We’ve already had a preview (and may get another before launch), so check out our coverage below for our first impressions.

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