‘Boneworks’ Brings Zombie Warehouse Arena & New Board Gun in 1.5 Update

Boneworks (2019), the physics-based shooter from Stress Level Zero, just got its 1.5 update, bringing along with it a new arena-style map inspired by the Nazi Zombies game mode in the Call of Duty franchise and a few other goodies too.

Called ‘Zombie Warehouse’, the update includes a number of challenges that should keep you on your toes. Zombies can now zip-line in to your location, climb large obstacles, and assault you through your warehouse windows.

You won’t need a hammer and stack of lumber though to board up the open windows, rather you’ll have access to a new boardgun, which lets you point and extrude boards wherever they’re needed.

In addition to the new physics weapon and map, the update includes five Zombie Warehouse modes, multiple difficulty options, experimental enemy AI, various weapon loadouts, and even new music. Stress Level Zero also says its improved player character physics and performance in its 1.5 update.

Boneworks launched on Steam late last year on SteamVR headsets, including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows VR, and Valve Index.

In our review of Boneworks, we felt the campaign mode left something to be desired. While the game served up a rich sandbox of physics-driven interactions, the game seemed less about offering the user something challenging out of the box, and instead giving users the tools to generate their own fun. It’s good to see Stress Level Zero experimenting and drilling into these more bite-sized game modes using its robust system; you never know when a hit mini-game will become the basis of a new project, ala Nazi Zombies.