VR’s Most Realistic Train Sim ‘Derail Valley’ Overhauled in “Enormous” Update – Road to VR

Derail Valley, the train simulator for VR and PC, launched into Early Access in 2019, positioning itself as the most realistic train sim out there. While Derail Valley is still in early access, indie studio Altfuture says locomotive fans can now jump back into the game and find a ton of new features waiting for them in what it calls an “enormous” update.

The so-called ‘Simulator’ update includes a load of new content, including dynamic VR hands, new locomotives, better world simulation, sandbox mode, and more.

Here’s all of the new and updated bits available in the Simulator update:

The studio says there are still a few things left to do, including adding the S060 locomotive, DE6 slug, Steam Deck input layout, RailDriver support, and “a couple more smaller things,” the studio says in Steam news post. “Rest assured that the mentioned two vehicles will be added very soon, in a couple of weeks.”

If you’ve played Derail Valley before with mods, Altfuture also warns that most, if not all pre-Simulator mods will no longer work, and will have to be updated by the community in the coming weeks and months, to become functional again.

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Despite the size of the update, the studio says the game will remain in early access “potentially, for years to come” since they intend on adding more features and content going forward.

“We’ll keep at it for as long as possible, in our mission to make Derail Valley the best train simulator in the world,” Altfuture says.

You can get Derail Valley on Steam and Oculus PC, priced at $40.