VR’s Most Popular Battle Royale Just Got Its Biggest Map Ever

POPULATION: ONE (2020), VR’s most popular fight royale, simply got an upgrade throughout all supported platforms that consistsof the videogame’s biggest map to date, which comes along with a coupleof other cyberpunk goodies.

Called ‘Metropolis’, the brand-new map guarantees to let you battle throughout a neon megacity, brimming with a bar, fortress, weapon shop, and homes. To play the brand-new map on SteamVR and Quest 2, merely choose ‘Metropolis Royale’ as the videogame mode to play.

Developers BigBox VR states Metropolis has “more overall square video than the rest of the whole map integrated.”

The brand-new map likewise comes with a ‘Neon Night Mode’ which renders the map darker to make the neon pop, making for a quite cool cyberpunk visual.

The Metropolis Royale videogame mode not just lets you and your group fight in the 18-player shootout, however it is likewise presenting dive pads to the videogame, which let you rapidly ascend high-risebuildings for some brand-new verticals.

There’s a coupleof other functions in the videogame’s Metropolis upgrade, nevertheless the most intriguing is unquestionably a brand-new speed-increasing sword, called Cyberblade. Cyberblade is a neon-cast sword that offers up to 75 damage straight to health and increases speed by 25 percent. You’ll light up the night, however you’ll be quick and lethal.

Check out the full modification log here for a list of all of the brand-new functions and bug repairs in Metropolis.

Population: One is readilyavailable on Steam and the Meta platform for Rift, Quest and Quest 2, priced at $30.