VR Sword Fighting Game ‘Until You Fall’ Now Available on PSVR 2 as Separate Version – Road to VR

Until You Fall (2020), the critically acclaimed VR sword fighting game, is now available for PSVR 2.

The hack and slash rogue-lite has been available on SteamVR, Quest and the original PSVR since late 2020, however now its fun and lively sword fighting comes to PSVR 2.

Take note, the PSVR 2 port isn’t a free upgrade from the original PSVR version, but rather priced separately at $25 in the PlayStation Store.

Schell Games says its two-handed weapon update, which brings three two-handed weapons to the game, is also not supported on the older version of the game. Check out the guide below to see what’s changed in the new PSVR 2 version.

Image courtesy Schell Games

Until You Fall offers a unique approach to VR sword fighting which notably combines the physicality and satisfaction of a proper hack & slash title with the depth of RPG combat. Just make sure to clear some space because you’ll need it.

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