VR Giants is Another Great Fit for Steam Remote Play Together

Being able to get your non-VR friends in on the VR fun is often a challenge, especially if you’re trying to play with them remotely. Luckily VR Giants brings another rare opportunity to do so, offering up a fresh dose of asymmetric ‘VR + PC’ co-op gameplay that works just as well online as it does with local play.

We love a good asymmetric VR game that gives a VR player and a non-VR player two totally different roles. Unfortunately these games are a rare breed, surely not helped by the fact that they require both the VR player and the non-VR player to be in the same place to play on the same PC.

Luckily, back in 2019 Steam released a feature called Remote Play Together which allows local multiplayer games to be played with your online friends, no matter where they are.

That’s a perfect fit for VR Giants, an asymmetric co-op game just launched in Early Access. It has one player in a VR headset as a giant stone elemental, while another player on the same PC plays a tiny character that relies on the giant’s help to complete platforming challenges.

Thanks to Remote Play Together, you can have the same fun with any friend from afar. The feature basically tricks the game into thinking your friend is playing locally with you, even though they’re remotely controlling the game from afar. And because it works this way, only one of you needs to own the game!

Developer Risa Interactive tells us they know for sure the game works well with Steam Remote Play Together because all of its development was done remotely and tested with the Steam feature and Parsec (another popular app for remote-play gaming).

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We’ve had great experiences with Steam Remote Play Together in Panoptic, another asymmetric VR game that plays like thrilling game of hide-and-seek.

VR Giants is available on Steam in Early Access, currently with a 10% launch discount. The developer says the studio plans to add more levels before the game reaches its full launch, at which point the price will increase.