Vision Pro Gets Its First Native City Builder Game Next Month

Apple Vision Pro isn’t exactly brimming with XR games yet, although starting next month you’ll be able to jump into a classic city builder that has been updated to include full mixed reality support.

Magic Fuel Games is releasing Cityscapes: Sim Builder (2023) for Vision Pro soon, bringing with it a new immersive view so you can manage your city as the god-like mayor you always wanted to be. It’s slated to arrive on July 3rd via Apple Arcade.

“They’ll use their hands to lay down roads, build neighborhoods, and ultimately grow their city into a thriving, profitable, and sustainable place to live,” Apple says in a press statement.

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Cityscapes: Sim Builder has been available across all Apple devices since its initial iOS launch in mid-2023, taking the Apple Arcade Game of the Year as well as an Apple Design Award finalist.

While we still think the platform could benefit from more ports (and proper motion controllers) this follows the release of a few top mixed reality games that make use of the headset’s hand-tracking, including Game Room, WHAT THE GOLF?, Super Fruit Ninja, Where Cards Fall, Crossy Road Castle, and Solitaire Stories.