Vault of the Vampire’ Jumpscare Puzzler for Quest 2 – Road to VR

Schell Games, the VR veteran behind the I Expect You To Die VR puzzle game series, announced a brand-new title today during Meta’s Quest Gaming Showcase that aims to jumpscare the bejesus out of you.

It’s called Silent Slayer: Vault of the Vampire, and it’s set to launch on Quest 2 and Quest Pro at some point. The studio says a Quest Store page is coming soon, but they haven’t mentioned any release window yet.

Here’s what it’s all about, according to Schell Games:

Put your stealth skills to the test in Silent Slayer: Vault of the Vampire, a suspenseful single-player, jumpscare game where you must slay vampires in their sleep before they become too powerful to defeat. Carefully crack open vampire coffins, disarm their traps and stake them through the heart to stop an ancient ritual that would make a centuries-old vampire clan all powerful.

In the trailer we get a brief look at some of the puzzling elements involved, all of which look like they need Operation-level care to execute. Although it’s not shown in the video, it’s probable that solving the puzzles too brashly or quickly may just earn you a vampire screaming in your face—a veritable jack-in-the-box of death.

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There’s no telling when it will arrive, although it looks like one of those games that would make a perfect mixed reality counterpart. Maybe when Meta is ready to unleash its promised Quest 3 on the world? Or maybe they’re holding back because it’s going to be featured on Apple’s mixed reality headset, which is very likely debuting on June 5th during the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

There’s no telling. In the meantime, we’ll be following along on Schell Games’ Twitter for the latest updates.