Squad-based Shooter ‘Breachers’ Gets Ranked Competitive Multiplayer in Latest Update

Triangle Factory, developer of the squad-based shooter Breachers (2023), announced its 5v5 multiplayer game now has competitive rankings, which it will be testing and modifying throughout its first season.

The studio says it will be an evolving process over the so-called ‘Season Zero’, noting that “certain features and values can still be tweaked to guarantee an optimal player experience,” the studio says in a Steam update.

The game’s next season will have “perfected our Competitive formula through player and community feedback,” the studio maintains, further noting that every season will last three months, for a total of four Competitive seasons per year.

Image courtesy Triangle Factory

You can already start climbing the ranks, going from Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grand-Master, all the way to Global Champion, with each rank coming with its own unlockable weapon skin and in-game credits.

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Inspired by Rainbow Six Siege, Breachers focuses on the tried-and-true model of squads attacking or defending a secure building. You squad up as the Enforcers, who rappel and breach through walls, or the Revolters, who use gadgets such as door-blockers, trip mines, static field emitters and proximity sensors to stop the enemy from disarming your bomb.

You can find Breachers, which notably includes crossplay for all platforms, over on Quest, SteamVR headsets, and PSVR 2, priced at $30.