Sci-Fi Shooter ‘Guardians Frontline’ Gets New Update Featuring a Massive Queen Size Enemy

VirtualAge and Fast Travel Games today launched a new update for sci-fi shooter Guardians Frontline (2023), which brings a gigantic new enemy type to the co-op and single-player game alongside a number of new features.

Called ‘The Queen Update’, starting today players on Quest and SteamVR will get a chance to go face-to-face with a supersize enemy, simply called ‘the Queen’.

We’re told her weak points should be targeted for a quick death (head and tail). Anything else, and it will take “considerably longer” to dispatch the massive foe, VirtualAge says.

The update, which is free across all supported platforms, also brings new tactics to standard enemies in what the studios call ‘Nydus Tunnels’, or portals that allow baddies to quickly jump between points on a map. Destroy both the entrance and exit to shut them down for good.

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Other items in the update include new weapon skins and a few improvements, bug fixes, and mode tweaks too. New to the game is a Conquer Mode Time Limit and Squad only maps, letting map makers now set a time limit for their Conquer maps, and configure the missions to be Squad mode only.

Developed by VirtualAge and published by Fast Travel Games, the studios are also offering Quest players the option to support continued work on the game with an in-game purchase package, which includes a research point, minerals, and exclusive avatars.