‘Racket Club’ Update Brings More Flexibility with New Rules and Fan Favorite Modes

The recently released VR racket sport Racket Club (2023) just got its first major update, which brings a host of new rules and modes to the game for a more customized experience on the court.

Resolution Games, which is also known for Demeo (2021), Blaston (2020) and the new Apple Vision Pro app Game Room (2024), released the ‘A New Spin’ update for Racket Club across Quest, Pico and SteamVR, now including:

  • Unranked Play – Not every competition needs to move you up the ladder; jump into casual games with other players any time
  • New Point System – Choose from the existing Ultra Rally points system or single point rallies in any match
  • Wall Serve Rules – Players can choose if they want to allow touching the back and side walls on serves
  • New Singles Drills – Mastered the existing training mode? Players can now practice and improve their accuracy and techniques with fresh drills in the singles court
  • Player Stats – Track your progress, see how you’ve performed and more in a complete redesign of the Player Profile menu
  • Fresh Threads – Play your best when you look your best with all new cosmetics now available to unlock
Image courtesy Resolution Games

The update comes just two months after Racket Club’s initial release, which the studio says has seen 370,000 matches played to date, no doubt thanks to its super recognizable gameplay, which is a bit like a cross of popular racket sports such as tennis, racquetball and paddleball.

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Mathieu Castelli, Chief Creative Officer at Resolution Games, says the update “builds on a strong base and feedback from our wonderful community to offer optional rule adjustments and more. In the same way basketball fans were able to create their own variations over the years – from 3-on-3 to H-O-R-S-E – we want to give Racket Club players the same flexibility to iterate on the foundation we’ve built for a brand new racketsport.”

You can grab Racket Club on Quest 2/3/Pro, SteamVR, and Pico VR headsets, priced at $25. To see all of the stuff from ‘A New Spin’ update in action, check out the trailer below: