Quest 2 Stock Appears to be Draining as Holiday Sale Drives Purchases | Road to VR

Although Quest 3 is Meta’s hot new headset release, an attractive holiday deal looks like it’ll make Quest 2 the company’s best selling headset this year. Looking at the stock available directly from Meta shows that Quest 3 availability is holding strong while the 256GB variant of Quest 2 is largely out of stock.

While it’s possible that Quest 2 (256GB) is simply under heavy demand, other data we’ve gathered points to the 128GB model being the more popular seller so far. This likely means that Meta didn’t have as much stock of the 256GB model to begin with, or perhaps just not enough to keep up.

While Meta says it will support Quest 2 for years to come, it’s unclear how long the company plans to continue manufacturing the device. Given the demand we’ve seen this holiday at the starting price point of $250, perhaps the company will reconsider its timeline.

Meanwhile, Quest 3 appears to be available in abundance. However, data suggests that Quest 2 is significantly outselling the new and more expensive headset.