PSVR Shooter ‘Fracked’ is Coming to PC VR in May

Fracked (2023), the action experience videogame from veteran VR studio nDreams, is set to leave PSVR exclusivity in May, as it’s landing on PC VR headsets bymeansof Steam and Viveport.

The run-and-gun VR shooter is slated to release on PC VR headsets (including Quest bymeansof Link) on May 5th. It will likewise be offered on the Meta PC Store at a lateron date, nDreams states.

In Fracked, you action into the ski boots of an action hero stuck deep in a remote mountain center. It’s you versus a legion of interdimensional opponents (aka the ‘Fracked’)—which suggests plenty of shooting, however likewise some light perplexing. Although focused mainly on battle, it likewise has a coupleof remarkable immersive interludes too consistingof snowboarding, climbingup, and zip-lining.

We liked Fracked is for its cohesive and polished visual design, special cover system, and strong basics, although we discovered it failed when it came to fight. To findout more about our ideas on Fracked, check out our complete evaluation on PSVR when it released last August.