Propaganda Sim ‘Not for Broadcast’ Coming to PSVR 2 in December

Critically-acclaimed propaganda simulator Not for Broadcast VR is finally headed to PSVR 2 this month.

First launched on flatscreen monitors in 2022 and later in a separate VR version for Quest and SteamVR, NotGames announced it’s finally bringing the dystopian broadcast sim to PSVR 2, launching December 14th.

Primarily, Not For Broadcast is about live-mixing camera feeds and making sure the National Nightly News airs without a hitch. Pretty quickly though, you’ll find out that it’s also a game of moral compromises, as you’ll need to balance a finicky public and an increasingly dire situation in what feels like a prequel to George Orwell’s 1984.

You might need to favor a certain political party, jazz up otherwise banal segments with populistic controversy, or even turn in your family member to an increasingly authoritarian government.

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This dark and brilliantly satirical take on modern politics and media is also chockfull of big buttons which control full motion video (FMV) clips, making the VR version of the game feel especially close to the bone. We liked in so much when we reviewed it in early 2023, we gave it a resounding [8.5/10]. Check out our no-spoilers review to see why.

In the meantime, you can find Not for Broadcast VR over on the PlayStation Store for your wishlisting pleasure.