Meta Releases New Mixed Reality Showcase for Unreal Engine Developers

Meta released a new mixed reality showcase for Unreal Engine developers that ought to help kickstart some Quest projects that use your room in fresh and interesting ways.

Phanto for Unreal, an open source port of the previously released Phanto project for Unity, was recently launched for Unreal Engine 5.3.

In Phanto, players combat ghostly foes invading their surroundings with various weapons. While it presents a slice of some fun and visually interesting gameplay, regular users can’t download it through either the Quest Store or SideQuest—at least not for now.

Instead, it was built to showcase best practices for Meta’s Presence Platform features for mixed reality, including things like Scene Mesh, Passthrough, and Depth API.

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Much like the open source Unity demo Cryptic Cabinet from Meta and veteran XR studio Magnopus, the Phanto for Unreal Engine reference app includes a number of recommended practices for doing things like content placement using Scene API, immersive mesh collisions with Scene Mesh, air and ground navigation for characters utilizing Scene Mesh and NavMesh, and optimizations like Application Spacewarp and Depth API for enhanced performance and realism.

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Granted, users can download Cryptic Cabinet, as well Meta’s other mixed reality reference app Discover—both of which are available through App Lab—so maybe the company will publish it there too eventually, if only for the curious non-developers out there who don’t want to go through the hassle of compiling and loading the game on Quest manually.

However, if you are looking to use Phanto for Unreal Engine to build your own mixed reality experience on Quest, check out the project’s full source code and assets over at GitHub.