Late to PSVR 2, ‘Beat Saber’ Continues to Dominate Most Downloaded Charts – Road to VR

Beat Saber, VR’s favorite block-slashing rhythm game, came to PlayStation VR 2 well past the headset’s February 2023 launch, coming to Sony’s latest VR headset in late May. And while Beat Saber topped the May charts within only one week of being available on PSVR 2, it seems the long-standing VR favorite is showing no signs of stopping.

In PlayStation’s June top downloads list, Beat Saber has made out as the top PSVR 2 download again. Here’s the full list, showing the charts across the US/Canada, Europe, and Japan.

US & Canada EU Japan
1 Beat Saber Beat Saber Beat Saber
2 Pavlov Pavlov Hubris
3 Job Simulator Hubris
Kayak VR: Mirage

4 Hubris PS VR 2 Job Simulator C-Smash VRS
5 Walkabout Mini Golf Red Matter 2
Onogoro Monogatari ~The Tale of Onogoro~

6 The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution
TRIPP: A New Way to Meditate

7 Creed: Rise to Glory – Championship Edition Kayak VR: Mirage Red Matter 2
8 Kayak VR: Mirage Walkabout Mini Golf
Horizon Call of the Mountain

9 Red Matter 2 Creed: Rise to Glory – Championship Edition
Creed: Rise to Glory – Championship Edition

10 Swordsman VR Swordsman VR Job Simulator

Notably, PlayStation’s charts are based on PS Store purchases only, which means game upgrades or games bundled with hardware are not included. Beat Saber is one of those in a limited pool of games that offers a free PSVR 2 upgrade from the original PSVR version, so it seems new PSVR 2 users are jumping into the block-slashing action organically.

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It’s no surprise Beat Saber has fared well on PSVR 2 for new players though, as by now the game is fairly synonymous as a great beginner’s title thanks to its ‘easy to play, hard to master’ gameplay in addition to not being nearly as involved as some VR games, many of which require some form of artificial locomotion.

Not only that, Meta-owned studio Beat Games has also wrangled a ton of music deals since the game’s 2018 launch to bring an extensive library of paid DLC to the game. This includes everything from legacy classics such as Queen, Kiss, and Lynyrd Skynyrd to current pop hits like The Weekend, Lizzo, Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish, and BTS to name a few.

With such a sustained performance, it’s likely Beat Saber will continue its reign on PSVR 2 for months to come.