Digital Document Transformation key to Increased Efficiencies –

Digital Document Transformation key to Increased Efficiencies  - Photo by ThisIsEngineering

Digital Document Transformation and Automated Workflows – Exactly what is it?

‘Digital document transformation’ is a process that enables the ‘transforming’ or updating of existing legacy workflows (often manual) to a digital and automated process. It raises efficiencies across organisations.

Digital transformation is no longer a buzzword or even cutting-edge. It has proven essential for increased business effectiveness and enhanced functionality. The days of manual processes, with its propensity for human error and risk of fraud due to limited security measures and protocols, are fast becoming a thing of the past.

Why is this important?

We live in a fast-paced world, increasingly so. The need to hold one’s own and be able to compete in it is critical to business survival and growth. The demand for real-time access to information and ease of access is constant and from all – be it users, stakeholders or consumers.

Digital document transformation enables organisations worldwide to deliver this level of efficiency and effectiveness, critical to business response and survival. How? Through the transformation and automation of key documents and information. It allows for quicker response times and speedier, seamless operations. It provides the efficiency and effectiveness paramount to competing in this fast-paced world.


Digital document transformation creates an efficient workflow that is secure, timely and traceable from document release to delivery. It allows for the retrieval of data from one’s ERP system of choice, the conversion thereof and delivery together with the necessary functionality to archive back into said ERP system.

Increased employee communication, productivity and effectiveness are further enabled by the ability to receive documents anywhere, at any time and on any device. It provides for a modern, complete and paperless document flow.

Furthermore, the ability to automate the process of creating and printing reports from your chosen ERP system without any manual intervention, empowers users to make faster business decisions. The result is increased responsiveness to both customer needs and market trends.

The benefits are countless!

One of our biggest lessons from the last two years has been the realization of the need for flexibility. In addition, to be able to cater to one’s ‘audience’ irrespective of where and who they may be.

Realtime and remote access to critical business documents and information needed to enable the execution of business operations and daily tasks has been, and will continue to be, what sets businesses apart from their competitors.

Globally, increased demand sees companies compelled to build greater efficiencies into their workflows. It also allows for increased compliance and security features. Examples of these workflows include purchase order validation, sales order validation, e-invoicing, and production to delivery workflows.

Essential to any digital document process is the use of e-signatures. E-signatures allow for faster processes, serve as confirmation or authorisation, and most importantly, legitimises the document. It prevents the risk of fraud as a result of document tampering amongst both internal users and external third parties who may sometimes be part of your workflow.

Next steps?

Harness the benefit of readily available technology to streamline and optimize business operations. Automated processes are quicker and more cost-effective. Simultaneously, it increases security and regulatory compliance.

Choosing the right partner

With not all solutions created equally, does your chosen digital document solution allow you to:

  • Integrate into almost any back office or ERP system to seamlessly create automated digital document workflows?
  • Convert your data from the source file format into any desired format (excel, word, PDF)?
  • Archive your documents in your chosen location whilst also easily placing them back into your chosen back office or existing ERP solution?
  • Seamlessly distribute to all relevant recipients?
  • Host on-premises or in the cloud, or a hybrid?
  • Handle large document loads and transactions?
  • Cater for any size business, taking care of your document requirements today and in the future?
  • Have API capabilities that are easier to implement and maintain while allowing a smoother integration at a much lower cost?
  • Offer email prompts and clear instructions to make it easy for employees to engage?
  • Offer full audit trails that allow the viewing of each document’s attributes?

Paper-based and manual processes are increasingly being viewed as outdated – placing restraints on productivity, creating bottlenecks, and hampering a flexible work environment.

Countless organisations are improving internal efficiencies, speeding up operations and creating seamless workflows through the automation and digitisation of processes. The possibilities are endless!

The future is digital. There is no escaping it.

Remain competitive in today’s world! Contact Symtrax to discuss your digital document transformation process.


At Symtrax, we help businesses accelerate its transition towards the digital future it envisions and needs!

We realise that digital transformation is about so much more than simply upgrading a single piece of technology for one process. The combined effort of multiple technologies able to work together, albeit on disparate systems, is what truly contributes towards effective (and holistic) digital transformation. And it is here where the value, and the sweet spot, lies.

Our collaborative approach allows organisations to harvest the most out of its resources, improving efficiencies without comprising security. Using automation, our document management services help to reduce manual dependences – making data management easier (cloud and on-premises).

Further, our direct integration with ERPs (API-based) ensures a direct communication channel with the system, delivering automated data conversion that allows you to toggle between the data formats best suited to your business processes.

Our solution is powered with RPA capabilities and an integrated modern EDI solution for standard-specific document transmission.

As your business grows, scale your initiatives to match your changing requirements – maximising the value of digital document transformation.