‘COLD VR’ Takes Smash-hit ‘SUPERHOT VR’ Time-freeze Mechanic & Completely Inverts It

Superhot VR hasn’t spawned nearly as many games as we thought it might, considering the ‘move to unfreeze time’ mechanic works so well in VR. Now, an upcoming game called COLD VR is looking to invert Superhot’s iconic gameplay and spin it for some fast-paced action.

In Superhot you’re encouraged to stop and execute precise moves in order to unpause time, however Cold VR is the exact opposite: stay still and the game speeds up, meaning you’ll always need to be on the move to get past an army of blue (re: not red) crystalline enemies and their barrage of bullets.

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Effectively, taking a second to aim down your sights for a faraway shot may just may put a stop to your run, so you’ll need to make tactical use of cover, and always be moving towards an objective, lest you get hit once and end the level.

Developed by Allware, Cold VR pits you against a corrupted AI who you must battle, all the while being helped by a friendly hacker-man who pops up in cutscenes between levels.

Cold VR is slated to launch on PC VR headsets sometime this summer. In the meantime, you can download the free VR demo over on the game’s Steam page.

Check out the gameplay below: