Classic ‘Tomb Raider’ is Coming to Quest in Unofficial VR Port

Team Beef, the modding group behind a slew of unofficial VR ports of classic games, announced their next project is Tomb Raider (1996), which will bring the action-adventure game to standalone headsets Quest and Pico VR.

Unlike the version playable through CitraVR, Team Beef says the BeefRaiderXR version will be a full VR port, which aims to include everything you’d expect: full 6DOF tracking, an immersive first-person POV, dual wielding weapons, and motion-triggered actions.

The modding group, which is known for standalone VR ports such as Duke Nukem 3D, Prey, and Quake 4, says BeefRaiderXR will also release publicly once development is finished. Like its other Quest-native ports, the game is expected to come via SideQuest.

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You may be asking yourself how it’s possible that Team Beef can release a port of a copyrighted game? At least in this case, BeefRaiderXR is based on the original game’s unofficial remake OpenLara from Timur Gagiev (aka ‘XProger’), whose in-browser version of the 1996 classic completely recreates the original’s game engine for WebGL. Notably, Gagiev was also the Technical Director of the official Tomb Raider I-III Remastered (2024) game, which released on Steam earlier this month.

To boot, Team Beef says its upcoming VR port “does not contain any copyrighted assets from the original game,” and that the original Tomb Raider is required to play. As usual, if you want to follow along with development to learn more, or get early access to in-development builds, the modding team runs its own Patreon.