Castles of Sin’ Coming to All Major VR Headsets This Fall in ‘Final Cut’ – Road to VR

Skydance Interactive announced during UploadVR’s Summer Showcase that the award-winning stealth-action VR game Arashi: Castles of Sin (2021) is finally making its way to major VR headsets this fall.

Developer by Endeavor One, Arashi: Castles of Sin is slated to bring its visceral melee combat to Quest 2, Quest 3, PSVR 2, and PC VR headsets for the first time.

Initially released exclusively on PSVR back in 2021, the studios say we can expect from the new ‘Final Cut’ version “improved visuals, updated enemy and boss behavior, revamped controls, and tons of additional quality-of-life features.”

Here’s how Endeavor One describes the action:

In Arashi: Castles of Sin – Final Cut, you’ll step into the shoes of deadly shinobi assassin Kenshiro and embark on a quest for justice, becoming one with the shadows as the last surviving member of House Arashi. This is your chance to experience feudal Japan in an era where the country is in chaos as the Six Oni of Iga have seized castles across the country, carving a bloody path of terror in their wake.

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The game features a pretty wide assortment of weapons, tools, and techniques, all of which help you infiltrate conquered castles and outwit your enemies as you hunt down each Oni, the studio says.

Arashi: Castles of Sin – Final Cut is slated to arrive on the PSVR 2, PC VR and Quest platform sometime this fall. We’ll be keeping our eyes on the game’s new Twitter profile for more updates as they arrive.