Apple Announces Vision Pro Release & Pre-order Dates

Apple has announced an earlier-than-expected Vision Pro release date, right at the start of CES.

As we talked about in our 2023 retrospective, Apple Vision Pro was certainly the most talked about story of the year. And now we’ve learned that Apple is sticking true to its word of the headsets release in “early 2024.”

Apple today announced the Vision Pro release date will be February 2nd, and affirmed the eye-popping price of $3,500. However these dates are only for the U.S.; release dates in other countries have not been announced. In the U.S. the headset will be available both in Apple stores on at

Apple Vision Pro pre-orders will start on January 19th at 5AM PT.

The company also announced that Vision Pro will be equipped with 256GB of storage, and didn’t imply that any higher capacities would be available at this time.

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The headset will ship with the headstrap we’ve all seen in the marketing, plus an over-head strap for those that want to offset additional weight (after our hands-on we think that will be most people!). The headset will also include a Light Seal (eye-shroud), two Light Seal Cushions (facepads), a Vision Pro Cover for the front of the unit, polishing cloth, the external battery, USB-C charging cable, and USB-C power adapter.

Additionally, Apple has confirmed the price of the headset’s ZEISS optical inserts: $100 for ‘readers’ (off-the-shelf vision correction), and $150 for prescription-specific vision correction.

With a Vision Pro launch date less than a month away, how do you think Apple will influence the XR space? Let us know in the comments below.